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The Building Process

During the creation of your custom built aquascape, we update you with images so you can watch your aquascape progress through its various stages until it is completed and ready for dispatch.


The following is a great example of images you would receive during the build of your aquascape:


Stage 1. - Blocking

We build the initial shape of your aquascape in 'wet form'. Ceramic is very malleable at this early stage and alterations can be made if you chose to.

Stage 2. - Rock Definition & Canals

Ceramic is highly porous, more porous than live rock, but we add deep canals, crevices, and recesses by hand to make our ceramic look more like rock than a lump of clay! When it comes to rock definition we use two techniques that help give your aquascape great depth under your reef tank lighting.


Stage 3. - Surface Detailing & Abrasion

Using a variety of methods and our special made tools we finish your aquascape with surface detailing that gives the sculpture the appearance of water abrasion just as rock has when taken from the ocean.

If you would like a free quotation and have us build your aquascape please head over to 'How To Order'

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