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Ceramic Reef Tank Aquascapes

An eco-friendly alternative to ocean live rock!

Why Choose Ceramic?

Unique, individual, and hand built.

40% more porosity per square inch than live rock.

Eco-friendly alternative.



Today's advancement of ceramic products such as bio-balls, bricks and spheres obtaining large filtration capacity, the weight ratio of ceramic rock to the water volume required for filtration is virtually irrelevant. Sump filtration media can be simply adjusted accordingly to suit individual tank bioloads - now making ceramic aquascapes more appealing than ever before. 


Add straight to your tank!

Ceramic rock is very similar to dry rock with a few rewarding exceptions. Unlike most dry rock, ceramic rock does not require cleaning before entering your new marine tank and contains no dead matter. However, a rock this pure and sterile does need to be seeded right from the start just the same as any other dry rock, after all, it contains no nitrifying bacteria.

Adding ceramic rock to a new tank system:

Simply submerge your new aquascape into your tanks' new saltwater. Using a bottled bacteria with the addition of fish, or fishless cycle depending on which product and methods are used, your new aquascape will seed and become live with nitrifying bacteria along with your tanks cycle.

Adding ceramic rock to a mature tank system:

A mature marine tank system already contains established nitrifying bacteria and will also contain some level of nutrients, livestock, and corals. Our aquascapes are essentially the same as dry rock with the exception that our ceramic rock is  100% sterile and pest-free and requires no cleaning. However, adding such a new and sterile aquascape directly to a mature tank can cause phosphate. Never remove all your live rock from your system until your new aquascape is adequately seeded. We always recommend seeding new rock outside a mature system if possible so as not to disturb your tank's bacteria balance - but this is not essential. Running GFO during the seeding of any new aquascape is also highly recommended.







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